Cultural Performance Exposure Fund (CPEF) Dana Program Pendedahan Pada Persembahan Budaya

List of programmes for CPEF 2024.


The details of the funding criteria are as follows:

  • The fund is open to all mainstream primary and secondary schools, post-secondary education institutions (PSEIs) and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) offering Malay Language programmes.
  • The cultural performance must be in Malay language and performed locally.
  • The ticket price must be below $50 (for primary and secondary students) and below $70 (for PSEIs and IHLs).
  • Utilisation rate of CPEF funds must be at least 80%;
  • CPEF funds should not be used to pay for transportation and teachers’ tickets. MLLPC will provide 1 complimentary ticket (accompanying teacher) for every 20 students.
  • CPEF funds should only be used to purchase the tickets of performances in the performance list approved by MLLPC. Schools may write to MLLPC to request for approval for performances not listed in the CPEF approved list.
  • MLLPC will fund the full cost of the ticket of a Malay cultural performance subject to a maximum amount of $2,500 per year per school/institution. Secondary schools and JCs offering the Malay Language Special Programme (Elective Malay Language Programme for Secondary Schools and/or the Malay Language Elective Programme) and secondary schools offering Literature in Malay Language, the funding is capped at $3,500 per year.


  1. MLLPC Secretariat will verify the application and inform school of the outcome of the application. Upon approval, the fund ($2,500 for schools and institutions or $3,500 for schools and JCs offering Malay Language Special Programme and Literature in Malay Language) will be downloaded to schools to be used by the end of the year.
  2. Once the fund is downloaded, schools/institutions may verify the eligibility of performances by checking the list of CPEF-supported performances via the MLLPC’s website For performances not included in the list, schools/institutions can email to MLLPC Secretariat at OR
  3. Schools/institutions will contact the performance organiser directly to confirm the booking. All documents such as 1) booking form, 2) confirmed attendance list and 3) invoice are to be submitted to the school Administrative Manager. The organiser will bill the schools/institutions and the payment of booking to be processed by schools/ institutions subsequently through the downloaded fund.
  4. MLLPC will request for an update on the utilisation of funds. Schools/Institutions must submit the IFFAS report and attendance list of students and teachers to MLLPC via the that will be send to schools by November 2024.
  5. Any unutilized fund from CPEF 2024 will be recovered by the end of 2024 via IFAAS2.
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  • What is the Cultural Performance Exposure Fund (CPEF) and what is its aim?

In March 2017, the Malay Language Learning and Promotion Committee (MLLPC) introduced CPEF with the aim of enriching students’ learning and love for the Malay Language (ML) by encouraging them to attend and experience local Malay cultural performances. At the same time, CPEF provides students with an immersive experience in the arts outside of the classroom, while supporting Malay cultural performing arts groups in Singapore.

  • Why were there enhancements to CPEF and when will the enhancements take effect?

The CPEF is being enhanced to benefit more students and as part of continuous efforts to improve the teaching and learning of ML. In doing so, MLLPC has taken on board feedback from ML teachers. The enhancements will take effect for performances with effect from 1 May 2023.

  • What type of performances are eligible for CPEF?

Cultural and theatrical performances performed in Malay language locally are eligible for the CPEF.

  • Can organiser/performing arts group apply for supported programme funding for the production of the performance?

Applicants may apply for MLLPC’s Supported Programme Funding through an online application system at the MLLPC’s website. Application for the fund will be reviewed by MLLPC Budget Committee. Application by a non-profitable organisation that meets the MLLPC’s objectives will be considered for funding, subject to the Committee’s funding guidelines.

When a performance is funded by MLLPC, the applicant will need to declare the income from sales of tickets. MLLPC will take into consideration the expenditure incurred as well as the income received when reviewing the claims.

  • Can non-local artistes be involved in the production of the performance? Will it still be eligible for CPEF?

Yes, as long as the performance is performed locally and meets the criteria for CPEF.

  • Which Post-secondary Education Institution (PSEI) and Institution of Higher Learning (IHL) are eligible for CPEF?

PSEIs and IHLs that offer Malay Language programmes as part of their curriculum are eligible for CPEF.

  • Who can apply for CPEF?

Existing staff of all mainstream primary and secondary schools, PSEIs and IHLs offering Malay Language programmes may submit a CPEF application.

  • How can applicant apply for CPEF?

Application must be made by 9 February 2024 through the link provided by MLLPC (via email).

  • How does an applicant know whether the performance is eligible for CPEF?

Applicants may verify the eligibility of performance by checking the list of CPEF supported performance through the MLLPC’s website at For performances not listed, applicants may email to MLLPC secretariat at or

  • How can an organiser/performing arts group submit their performances for CPEF endorsement?

Organisers/performing arts group are strongly advised to send information on their performances as early as possible so that the information can be made available at the MLLPC website for schools/institutions. This will allow sufficient time for schools/institutions to plan for their students to attend the performances.

  • Are there any suitable periods to organize performances?

It is best to organise the performances during school term/academic calendar. For instance, for mainstream schools, junior colleges and centralised institute, Term 1 and Term 2 is usually most ideal for students to attend such performances. The post- exam periods are usually during week 9-10 of Term 4. It is best to avoid weekends and  night shows for primary school students as more administrative and logistical arrangements need to be made on the school’s end. For secondary schools, junior  colleges and centralised institute, it would be advisable to avoid Term 3 and Term 4 due to various national examinations taking place at that time. It is advisable to check the schooling term via the MOE’s website at or the respective PSEIs/IHLs’s academic calendar for the most updated information.

MLLPC Secretariat

Address: Alamat

Malay Language Learning and Promotion Committee c/o Ministry of Education

Curriculum Planning and Development Division 1 (Level 14)

1 North Buona Vista Drive
Singapore 138675

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